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Christmas carols are based on Christian lyrics and relate, in the main, to the Nativity. Christmas carols were introduced in to church services by St Francis of Assisi in the 12th century. Christian scriptures detail a world of spirits and nine choirs of Angels who were sent by God into the lives of humankind.

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The joyous themes for many Christmas carols were banned in England by the staunch Protestant Oliver Cromwell and many of the very old Christmas carols were subsequently lost for all time.

Christmas carols were only fully popularised again during the Victorian era when they again expressed joyful and merry themes in their carol lyrics as opposed to the normal, more sombre, Christian lyrics found in hymns. As religious observances in the United States and England were closely linked the popularity of Christmas carols grew in both countries in the 19th century. Many Christmas traditions are relatively recent such as Santa Claus and reindeer and bear no relation to Christmas carols.

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